now accepting TRON

Leading crypto casino is now accepting TRON (TRX)!

One of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies, TRON has been steadily building a user base thanks to its fast transaction times and zero transaction fees!

A brief history of

Although regularly referred to as a currency, the term “TRON” specifically refers to a crypto platform that supports multiple tokens (in the same way the Etherium platform now supports dozens of different currencies). The currency now being accepted by is properly known as “TRONIX,” but if you see the three letter symbol TRX, be reassured you are dealing with the currency.

TRON was founded by Chinese developer Justin Sun in 2017, and has been winning converts thanks to two improvements over Bitcoin (BTC):

  • Without special software (like the type used by Bitcoin transactions can take up to twenty minutes or more. The Bitcoin blockchain only processes 3-6 transactions per second, so as the number of Bitcoin users has grown so has the processing time. TRON can process 2,000 transactions per second! Maybe some day TRON use will be so widespread its users will face similar delays, but this day is a LONG way away.
  • Bitcoin users may not pay transaction fees to banks, but they still pay transaction fees. TRON transactions are absolutely free. Not cheap, FREE. Needless to say, free is popular.

Using TRONIX at

Since TRON is even faster and more convenient than Bitcoin in many ways, it is hardly surprising to learn that using TRON on is easy too.

The main factor to be aware of are the 100 TRX minimum required for deposits, and the 200 TRX minimum required for withdrawals (this compares to the mBTC 1 minimum for deposits and mBTC 2 minimum for withdrawals).

While can ensure that players access high quality games and receive excellent service, they cannot ensure the value of TRONIX or any other cryptocurrency. The price of 100 TRX is currently about mBTC 1.8 or US$1.50, but these prices change on a daily basis. Using TRON or any crypto as a store of value comes with risks players should be aware of in advance.

But it is certainly easy to argue that a crypto with no transaction charges will remain relatively popular. If you are not already a player, sign up for an account and try yourself (and do check out our in-depth review of and is Loyalty Club).