CasinoFair: up to 50,000 FUN for new players

Crypto casinos are full of innovation, but no other is nearly as innovative as CasinoFair!

Most crypto currencies are based on blockchain technology, but CasinoFair is an entire casino built on blockchain. This ensures that all results are verifiably random, and gives players total control over their funds at all time.

CasinoFairCasinoFair is the creation of technology company FunFair, who have developed their own specialist currency for online casinos called FUN. Although relatively new, FUN is a free floating currency in its own right that can be traded on participating exchanges.

Sign up for an account with CasinoFair and get 2,000 FUN instantly. A total of 50,000 FUN in bonuses is available to new players who play slots and other games (see below for details).

CasinoFair is truly different from any other casino reviewed on this site, so there is a lot to talk about. Let’s start first with the basics…

CasinoFair: the crypto basics

  • Currencies: CasinoFair was built specifically for the FUN currency, and that is the only currency used for gameplay. FUN is built on the Etherium platform, so ETH can be instantly converted into FUN in the FunFair wallet (and FUN can be instantly converted back to ETH).
  • The FunFair Wallet: This is where things get REALLY different. New players signing up for an account are assigned a FunFair crypto wallet. Players maintain control of this wallet at all times, and any FUN it holds can be moved to other wallets, sold on exchanges, or used on other casinos that accept FUN. All gameplay is conducted using funds taken directly from a FunFair wallet, and winnings are paid instantly back into a wallet after a game concludes. This is all done on the blockchain, and means that CasinoFair has no deposits and no withdrawals. Everything is done via the wallet.
  • Account setup: Unusually for a crypto casino, CasinoFair has a fairly robust KYC procedure at signup. Depending on a player’s location they may be asked to provide a name, address, and other details, or asked to sign up using an identification app called Yoti which asks for scans of government ID among other things.
  • VPN Policy: CasinoFair does not have a formal policy on VPN use by players.
  • Licenses: CasinoFair has a gaming license from Curaçao. The FunFair platform that supports CasinoFair also has a license from the Isle of Man (which is not really relevant for players to know but is certainly reassuring).

The CasinoFair new player bonus explained

As mentioned before, new players are given 2,000 FUN in their shiny new FunFair wallets when they sign up for an account.

Additional bonuses of 1,500 FUN are awarded every time a player wagers at least 25,000 FUN on any CasinoFair game within the first week of signup. Please note: the 25,000 FUN threshold is for any specific game, not 25,000 FUN wagered across multiple games.

Players will continue to be awarded a 1,500 FUN bonus every time they wager 25,000 FUN on additional games during their first seven days. Once a player gets the bonus for 20 games, CasinoFair award an additional 20,000 FUN bonus (which adds up to 50,000 FUN in total bonuses not counting the 2,000 FUN signup bonus).


Once a player wagers enough to get a bonus, there is no additional wagering requirement. The bonus FUN can be saved for later, traded on an exchange, or converted back to ETH inside the FunFair wallet.

Crucially, no specific purchase of FUN is required for this bonus (and certainly no deposit is required since CasinoFair does not take deposits). Bonuses are tied to wagering, so in theory a sizeable win at the start could allow a player to earn the entire bonus with nothing more than the free 2,000 FUN signup bonus!

Gameplay and selection

CasinoFair’s appetite for innovation extends into its game selection as well. All games (slots, table games, virtual horse racing and more) are original and exclusive to the FunFair platform. This means that creating an account at CasinoFair creates an opportunity to explore lots of brand new games, but there is no option to play Starburst or Book of Dead.

There are currently 21 games available (with more being added all the time), including:

  • Fun Dice
  • Decatron (innovative slot)
  • Bounty on the High Seas (slot)
  • Treasures from the Crypto (slot)
  • Treasures from the Crypto (scratchcard)
  • Astro Wilds (slot)
  • Fate of Thrones (slot)
  • Fate of Thrones (scratchcard)
  • Cyber Hunter 2080 (slot)
  • Hi-Lo Max
  • Wheel of Fun
  • European Roulette
  • Video Poker
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Let it Ride Poker
  • Three Card Poker
  • Blackjack
  • VIP Blackjack
  • Electrobet
  • Baccarat
  • VIP Baccarat
  • Raceday Horses (virtual horse racing)

Since players have no casino balance with CasinoFun, every game session begins and finishes with a transaction of FUN to and from a player’s FunFair wallet. This is really straightforward and takes just seconds, but might surprise new players still learning how CasinoFair works.


Deposits and Withdrawals (not really)

We have this section in every review on Crypto Casinoz, but as CasinoFair has no deposits or withdrawals there is not a lot to talk about.

One thing we can emphasize: the easiest way to play CasinoFair is to transfer ETH into your FunFair wallet. This can be instantly converted into FUN (and then back into ETH) whenever a player wants.

Another important fact is that the FunFair wallet is always controlled by the player. There is no pending time, withdrawal delays, or any similar hassles.

Online support

CasinoFairCasinoFair has one thing in common with other crypto casinos: 24/7 online chat support with fast response times.

Since players never need to ask about a delayed withdrawal, or a problem making a deposit, the support team probably has a lot less to do than at other casinos. But they are there if anyone needs them, just in case.

CasinoFun – should you sign up?

Any introduction to blockchain technology always explains that blockchain can be used for more than just cryptocurrencies. Most of the ideas for using blockchain are just theory at the moment, but CasinoFair and FunFair have created a genuinely new application.

The FunFair wallet and the creation of a bespoke altcoin make CasinoFair radically different from most other cryptocasinos, which means less experienced crypto players might be wary. We think the differences are huge improvements, however, and may be adopted more widely in future.

But here is the really radical implication of FunFair’s innovation: new players can test CasinoFair without having to decide whether or not to make a large deposit at the start. Sign up for an account, start off with the free 2,000 FUN, and see how it goes. Starting small and cautiously does not prevent players from maxing out the entire new player bonus later on.

CasinoFair’s only real weakness at the moment is the small game selection, but this will only improve over time. Having exclusive games (and not having the most common slots) has been a very successful formula for fiat casinos like Dr Slot and WinOmania. As CasinoFair adds new games, this will seem less of an issue.

So we say, yes if you like a quality online casino experience then sign up for an account.

And if you are someone who enjoys experimenting with cutting edge blockchain innovations then DEFINITELY sign up for an account!