Crypto Casino questions answered

Are you interested in crypto casinos but do not know where to start? Here are answers to ten questions you may have.

Q. What is a crypto casino?

A. Crypto casinos are pretty much just like any other online casino except they allow players to deposit, play with, and win money using crytpo currencies.

Q. What is a crypto currency?

A. Crypto currencies like Bitcoin are a form of digital money not regulated by a central government authority. Dealing in crytpo currencies can be risky, so be sure to fully research the subject before making any investment in them.

Q. What makes crypto casinos different?

A. Crypto currency transactions happen much more quickly than transactions in more traditional currencies. Even the best standard online casinos can take up to a week to pay out winnings into a bank account (including 1-2 days of “pending time” while the casino checks its records and 3-5 days for the wire transfer to take place). Crytpo casinos pay out winnings in a tiny fraction of that time. BitStarz casino has an average payout time of ten minutes. has an average payout time of just three minutes!

Q: Are there any other advantages to crypto currencies besides faster payments?

A: Besides being fast, crypto payments are also easy to verify. Unlike transactions in euros or dollars, crypto currency payments are recorded on a public, digital ledger that can instantly prove whether or not a payment has been made. Have you ever experienced an online casino insisting a payment is on its way there is no way to prove it? That simply cannot happen with crypto casinos.

Q: Anything else?

A: As a rule, the crypto casinos reviewed on this website all have amazingly fast and helpful customer support. This has nothing directly to do with crypto currencies, but maybe the speed of crypto transactions has rubbed off onto other areas? Monte Cryptos,, and BitStarz all have 24/7 live chat support which responds to questions within seconds. BitStarz support staff can even resolve payment issues. This is a SERIOUS plus, as any experienced online casino player will undoubtedly know.

Q: Are crypto casinos regulated?

A: The best crypto casinos have an international online gaming license, normally from the Dutch dependency of Curaçao (which is one of the major regulators of online worldwide). Other international regulators, like the Malta Gaming Authority, may start extending licenses to crypto casinos soon. Please note: while a Curaçao license will cover players from much of the world, this does not include players from the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, or any other country with its own national regulatory framework for online casinos (and this website and its contents are therefore not valid in any such jurisdiction).